Space Adventures Animal Astronaut by Foxtail Toys and Ak Studios

Catching my eye during BigBigCon, I had to give the blindbox a go.

Here’s my impressions of the Animal Astronaut by Foxtail Toys and Ak Studios!

These figures come in 12 variations of different animals in astronaut suits! I completely love the idea. The animals were cute and space, what more can I say?

Made of resin, the animal astronauts has a good weight and measures less than 4”.

Each different animals also has a different color set of suits. What makes it cooler is that the head are interchangeable! So you can grab a few and mix and match around.

For something priced at $15 SGD, I think they are decently made.

Sculpture and paint work are both okay for this price. I think it's worth it in terms of value, since they are not mediocre work especially the paint - it seems properly done.

The studios that made them are from China and a little obscure, so finding them might be a little difficult depending on where you’re from.

They are available on shopee, but I am not sure if they are authentic.


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