Mighty Jaxx Darwins Revenge by Paul Jackson

Probably my personal favorite from Mighty Jaxx, Darwins Revenge is a collaboration work done between them and artist Paul Jackson!

“The weirder the better” as Paul himself puts it, Darwins Revenge is based on his Revenge artworks and draws inspiration from evolution and Darwin, obviously. But what exactly is the story Paul was trying to tell here is up to our own imagination. That’s the beauty of designer toys.


The entire toy is a head of a gorilla with a removable face that you can open up to spot Darwin in a cockpit controlling an entire operation system painted in gold. So it seems like Darwin is in control of evolution himself.

I personally prefer ideas and concept that stands out versus complex detailed sculptures or crazy designs and paint jobs sometimes. And this is one of those times.

The paint job has a shiny matte but not glossy finish. At first look, it’s really plain looking but the more I see it in person, the more it captivates me. I’m glad I put my hands on this one fast because it sold out quickly.

PS: Although shipping from Mighty Jaxx took forever to come.

Painted with a sleek bronze gold, the sculpt of the gorilla’s wrinkles creates a depth that makes this simple bust look enthralling. And I have to add, the wrinkles are well sculpted with the paint highlights and shadows.

It might not be the most detailed sculpture, but the way they managed to create this hollow piece is pretty sick. I really enjoy the way they made Darwin’s sculpt. While he sits inside controlling the beast, you can find little details of the cockpit.

Darwins Revenge measures 6”, is made of polystone and in an edition of 100.

Unfortunately, it is completely sold out including the crazy white colorway - if you ever spot a second hand, go for it.

You can still check out the product page here:


This is Darwins Revenge UNBXED!