Kotobukiya X-men '92 Artfx+ Statues Review

Kotobukiya has been a long time licensee for X-men statues and boy was I stoked to see that they were releasing the X-men 92’ Series for their ArtFX statues.

The ArtFX statues are 1/10 scale figures that have no articulation. Depending on each character, they would measure about 5” to 10” and usually come in a pack of two. Like the other ArtFX statues, they are made from PVC and ABS. They feel completely plastic despite the term “statue” and so far there are 6 packs of the collections available:

Cyclops & Beast (Two pack)

Jubilee & Wolverine (Two pack)

Bishop & Storm (Two pack)

Gambit & Rogue (Two pack)

Professor X (Solo)

Phoenix (Solo)

This collection is a great throwback and amazing collectible for the 92s classic X-men Animated series fans. The collection boasts bold colors inspired by the classic X-men uniforms and shines in its minimal retro-styled look.

I’d be honest with you, they look color by color and detail by detail alike to the 90’s x-men animated series.

Wolverine (Comes with Jubilee)

I am missing Professor X, Phoenix and Gambit & Rogue. So I can only cover the other three!

My very first impression after seeing the release was jaw dropped feeling nostalgia at its peak.

Cyclops & Beast

Bishop & Storm

Jubilee (Comes with Wolverine)

The textures of these statues are clean and their paint job is awesome! They might not be the most detailed statues out there compared to the other Artfx lines but it’s what they are going for, that clean and retro look. You can see the shadows are pretty well done.

Each statue usually comes in two to three pieces, the head, the tors, the legs and an accessory. It’s a simple fix without much instructions really.

Despite the fragile look, the statues still have a certain weight to it. Although, you might find certain mold lines here and there but they are generally not too visible.

To go into specifics, I found some issues with Beast and Bishop particularly. I am not sure if the problems are unique to each model or the same across each character. (Do let me know if you own one of these and if they have the same problem.)

My Beast doesn’t seem to be able to stand on its own due to the weight load in front. He’s always falling forward. No matter how much you try to adjust the body and the legs, they can only fit one way and it’s pretty much a deal breaker if you get my unlucky problem. To fix it, I have to put two small pieces of folded paper in front of his foot to balance the entire statue.

For Bishop, the head just seems to be extremely loose. A small problem if you’re gonna have him displayed anyway.

But I have to add, what they did for Storm and her cape was pretty darn amazing.

Each pack costs from $70 - $90 USD. Below are several links to where you can purchase them from, either Amazon or sites like BBTS.

Cyclops & Beast (Two pack)



Jubilee & Wolverine (Two pack)



Bishop & Storm (Two pack)



Gambit & Rogue (Two pack)


Professor X (Solo)



Phoenix (Solo)


In summary, I absolutely love these pieces and would rate them 8/10! If only they had more characters like the Brotherhood of Mutants then it would be really really cool.