Mighty Jaxx XXRAY Plus Elmo Review

Fans of Sesame Street and Elmo can rejoice with this epic collaboration!

A timeless piece of work that stands out no matter when you put it, Elmo dissected is probably one of my favorite pieces even though I didn’t watch much of Sesame Street. (I’m an honest guy)

So you’re right, I bought this piece simply cause it was visually pleasing!

Elmo waves as half of him is dissected down for us to see what exactly is going on in his anatomy. It’s really an interesting take because we get to see the ideas and concepts of Jason Freeny and how he would visualize what the biology of all these characters would be like.

In this case, Elmo seems to have a perfectly normal anatomy system like ours.

The sculpture of Elmo is done accurately. Other than fluffy soft toys, this is as real as Elmo can get. If you want to be picky, there are some details lost in the anatomy for sure. I do spot some minor pain scruffs and glue residues too.

However, you might also not enjoy the fact that you can see the way they glued the different parts of Elmo into a single piece.

You can tell the bone and body structure are separate parts glued to one.

It's a slight turn-off. But if you’re not too particular about that, I truly think Elmo is a classic must-buy for fans of Sesame Street.

I mean I’m not a huge fan and I have it. It looks great as long as you don't go too close to nitpick!

Elmo measures 8.5” tall.

Unfortunately, you can no longer get the original red Elmo from MightyJaxx but they’ve recently released their 4” Hidden Dissectable blind boxes line

Check them out here:



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