Banpresto Box is Announced for 2020!

Banpresto has released their subscription box over the weekends of New York Comic Con (NYCC)!

The subscription box titled 'BANPRESTO BOX' is basically a box that includes exclusive and official licensed merchandises of a particular anime or game series.

The first two reveals of their box is the My Hero Academia and Kirby Dolce's collection that are slated to release July 2020.

They have released some sneak preview clips of what might be in the box on their Facebook Page.

My Hero Academia:

Kirby Dolce:

Details of what else are included in the boxes are briefly described on their page even though what they actually are is still a mystery.

My Hero Academia's Box (taken from their website)

Grandista nero MIDORIYA IZUKU size: approx. 9.84"

Rubber Charm size: approx. 2.17"-2.76" Colored Board size: approx. 5.31" Can Badge size: approx. 3.15" Good Scene Photograph size: approx. 5.91"

Kirby Dolce's Box (taken from their website)

Paldolce collection vol. 1-A size: approx. 2.36" Paldolce collection vol. 1-B size: approx. 2.36" Paldolce collection vol. 1-C size: approx. 2.36" Mascot plush size: approx. 3.15" Mini keychain size: approx. 1.18" Rubber keychain size: approx. 3.54"

I do have some qualms with "Good Scene Photography" and "Colored Board", not entirely sure what they are supposed to be. Probably artworks or prints.

Many subscription boxes tend to include a variety of items that tend to leave users with unwanted items. The description for My Hero Academia's box has stated that it only includes the anime's merchandise, so we can at least be at ease.

And it seems like the these other items for My Hero Academia has a variety and will be packed randomly.

For Kirby's Box, it does say that it includes figurines from Kirby and other merchandise. So we can't be sure if the keychains might mean non-Kirby-related goods although unlikely.

Prices for these boxes are currently priced at $29.90 USD according to the website. But for some reason "TBA" was stated right beside it, so we do not know if the prices may change.

Pre-order for the Banpresto Box will start January 6 2020 and end February 16 2020.

Check out the pre-order links are below:

My Hero Academia collection:

Kirby Dolce's collection:

*Updated on 7/10 with further information and clarity.