What went down at BigBigCon 2019

Last week was the long awaited debut of BigBigCon!

Thanks to a friend who managed to get me a media pass, I was able to visit BigBigCon before it's official public opening date.

Located at 5th floor of Scape - an unfortunate sight because anyone unaware wouldn't give the convention much attention due to the inconvenience. Because of Street Superior's focus on sneakers and street wear which has overtaken the entire Scape basketball court and Ground Theater, there isn't really much of a choice left though!

Separated into three sections, the Jar Jar's Bizarre Bazaar and Fu Chee Keong's Trading Post occupied two rooms that displayed and sold retro collections and personal favorites.

Jar Jar's Bizarre Bazaar showcased retro figurine collections from He-man, StarWars, G.I Joes, Godzilla and the like.

Whereas the Fu Chee Keong's Trading Post had several sellers including Omo Collectibles displaying their sofubi collections and other retail pieces from 4D Master, BE@RBRICK to other smaller toy manufacturers like Foxtail Toys.

I had to get my hands on the infamous Fortune Cat by 4D Master (still kind of confused with the whole using Jason Freeny's name without permission problem) and the blind box from Foxtail Toys's Animal Astronaut Space Adventures simply cause they look way too cute not to be in my display!

Not a work by Jason Freeny, but I love fortune cats!

These things are actually really heavy for their size.

The last station was the highly anticipated Con-men's Universe that has local and international artists along with retailers display and sell their personal customs or limited produced products.

Con-men's Universe

As promised there was the Owangeboy Customs showcase.

And also featured releases of the Hypenan Chicken by GoodGuysNeverWin, Blue Lightning Samego by Nebby Art, Bartolome by Creon Chkn Head and Wetworks

and FlowerMons by Tanavit.

I took a good few rounds of walk through to slowly soak in the toy haven I was at. Although relatively small, there are really some great features and collections to burn your wallets for.

Here are a few crazy custom works that I personally would love selling my kidneys for:

These are fxking mad.

Who else other than Quiccs!

In summary, I would say I enjoyed the convention even though it was smaller than I had expected and unfortunately located at a more secluded area. I was hoping for the toy scene to receive the attention and awareness among the Singaporean crowd.

Nonetheless, for a huge collaboration like this with tickets that were sold at only $20. I think the entire event itself deserves the support and I am overall satisfied!

Let's us hope that there will be more toy fairs or conventions like this in the near future.

PS: Did I also mentioned I bought a limited edition tote bag at the Sole Superior section? ;)


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