Valve has issued a 19 year ban against abusive DotA 2 players!

Valve has served their sentences for players who cheat, abuse and transact accounts.

With their recent new Rank Season update, numerous players have received a 19 year ban that punishes them for using smurf accounts, exploiting the role queues or having massive profile reports that result in constant low behavior scores.

DotA 2 have constantly been trying to improve their gameplay experience using reports and the low priority queue, but this is the first time that they have announced such a drastic punishment against said abusers.

According to them, they “will be refining the detection algorithms for these abusive behaviors and will begin issuing weekly bans that will go into effect without advance notice to violating accounts.” So this is only the beginning!

Trying to rejoin the game with new or smurf accounts wouldn’t work either because the the system bans the account and blacklists the associated phone numbers from playing Ranked Games.

“Accounts that we ban will now also have the associated phone number permanently blacklisted from being able to have access to ranked matchmaking.”

One Reddit user dug his own grave by creating a thread on his ban with a low conduct score of 509. He didn’t fail to get all the heat from the community.

Also, I am not sure how reliable is this, but another Reddit User did some calculations and claimed that the 2038 year ban is due to the maximum numerical input Valve could key in. Does that mean it’s supposed to be a permanent ban?

Read more about that discussion here:

Valve has then added that a lot more work will be put into detecting smurf accounts, boosting player behaviors and accurately calibrating MMR for everyone. So we will be expecting more updates in the near future to create a better community for all players!

Maybe I should get back into the game...

Are you happy with the update?

Read more on the DotA official blog here:


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