Teekeez Cryptozoic DC Heroes Batman Impressions

The Teekeez Batman figure are part of Cryptozoic DC Comics line that include several characters like Joker, Harley Quinn, Superman, etc.

What make this 2.5” vinyl figure unique is the concept that they have taken towards our household heroes and villains. Given their Maori representation, the figures are made stack-able on top of another.

Designed by Mark Doubling and sculpted by Stephan Ehl, these decently priced works are quite worth the value.

They offer a unique wood carven look and are well painted for its size.

These Teekeez figurines are sold at about $9.99 USD and can be found even cheaper with discounts on Amazon.

Having different colorways and the variety of characters. Once you collect a bunch of them, they might create an impressive display for DC fans!

Check out the product on Amazon here:



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