Mighy Jaxx XXRay Looney Tunes Jason Freeny

I was elated when Mighty Jaxx and Jason Freeny came out with the news of their XXRAY line coming to Looney Tunes, having watched these classic cartoons when I was small (still small), they made the best reason to collect.

Here’s a quick impressions of the XXRAY Looney Tunes line by Mighty Jaxx!

These figurines stand at about 4” in height and are similar to previous XXRAY figurines from Mighty Jaxx & Jason Freeny.

They are slightly pricey at their retail price but if you’re not afraid to hang on for discounts or sales at retail stores - they could be well worth the wait.

You can find some poor paint work if you look close enough but I don't really care :s

I got them for about $15 SGD during a sale and was happy I could collect 3 of them.

Believe I am lacking Tweety and Bugs. Hoping I can see them somewhere since they are no longer on sale the website.


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