Micro Anatomic Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx Figurine Impressions

e Micro Anatomic Mini Figurine by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx is a 3” Lego styled figurine but make no mistake this is not an official by Lego.

This small figure is a notch down in detail versus the larger anatomy works by Jason Freeny. The figurine allows only two points of articulation: an up down swivel of the right hand and right leg. Although the figs don't stand on one leg so the leg swivel is a little confusing.

If you wanna nit pick, you'd be able to find paint jobs that are not perfect.

This release is an old one and it’d be hard to find it on shelves anymore. They were retailing for about $20. here are several more designs out there but enjoy these shots that I got of mine!

Thanks for reading!

This is Micro Anatomy UNBXED!