Iron Studio's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 1/10 Statues Out for Pre-order

Swinging into action across the multiverse, the creators of Iron Studios have finally brought our fantasy alive by putting together a sleek diorama display of our Spider-verse heroes. Iron Studios released previews of their Spider-man: Into the Spider-verses Art Scale 1/10 Statues during SDCC's Sideshow preview and they were looking spectacular!

And now we can finally put our hands on them, or kind of.

They have finally opened up the pre-orders for all their statues including Miles Morales, Peter B Parker, Spider-Gwen and Noir & Spider-Ham today. We are although missing Peni Parker for some reason with since it was not on display during SDCC nor was it released for pre-orders. Hopefully they might make it a special release in the future.

Noir & Spider-Ham, probably the best team-up ever.

Peter B Parker with his quirky style!

Each statue has a pre-order price of $119 USD.

It’s hard to resist these bunch because they look really sweet placed together. With similar quirky vibes to the movie, each statue brings out their character’s personality. The spray-painted rubble bases and comic book sounds adds a mixture of a classic comic and the movie’s signature animated look together.

Spider-Gwen on maximum swag level.

The statues will be released after July 31 2020, with no end date announced.

Pre-orders are now available through Iron Studios:

Miles Morales:

Noir & Spider-Ham:

Peter B Parker:



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