Grandista's Midoriya Izuku Review

My latest addition to my growing Boku no Hero collection is... Grandista’s Midoriya Izuku

Released on June, this is Grandista's first take on the popular anime Boku No Hero Academia. There's still no news if there will be other figurines in this collection but the odds are high.

As usual, Grandista’s sculpt game is strong due to its considerable size and height. I’d say they didn’t disappoint with this one. Even though I don’t collect any of their stuff other than the teenage Naruto simply because they don’t really work with any other figurines because of their size.

Well, smart move, cause you’ll just have to buy the entire bunch to put them together for it to look like a collection rather than having the choice to mix it up with different series for brands like Banpresto.

For the paint job wise, I have zero complaints although some of the parts had weird blemishes but you won’t be able to see them up afar. I managed to spot some glue by the belt as well. Other than that, it feels good and it looks good. I’ve heard bad remarks for the Age of Heroes figurines having really bad paint jobs.

Glue beside the left pocket.

I was able to get this figure from Toreba (not sponsored), an online claw machine app where I almost spent about $30SGD ($21USD) overall.

I believe it’s retailing for $20SGD - $30SGD ($14USD - $21USD), so I think I did alright on the addictive game. But all in all, with its price tag, this one is definitely worth the value if you're a Boku fan!

Working on a video for this figure, watch this space!

One for all full cowlll!!

Grandista's Midoriya UNBXED!


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