Exhibitor Exclusives Worth a Look this NYCC 2019

NYCC is coming this weekend! Unfortunately for me, I won’t be attending *sobs* but fortunately for those who are, lots of fun and shopping to do!

I’ve made a list of Exhibitor Exclusives worth taking a look at if you’re a toy collector. It might be a little bit too late, but check this list of toys you should look out for during the convention!

*Most of these are not convention exclusive but exhibitor exclusives*

Kidrobot 3" Chrome NYCC Exclusive Editions

Kidrobot is releasing three NYCC Exclusive Edition 3” Figures for Bob's Burgers, Simpsons and Hello Kitty. And their pre-sale items are already sold out!


NECA Con-Exclusive Batman/Joker Alien and Green Lantern/Sinestro Predator Sets

The hype for the Con-Exlusive DC x Neca figurines are real. Check this collaboration between Batman & Alien and Green Lantern/Sinestro & Predator figure sets!


Godzilla Vinimates Mechagodzilla Glow in the Dark 10” Vinyl Figure

Glow in the Dark + Godzilla, nuff said. Designed by Barry Bradfield limited to 250 pieces

At Diamond Select Toys - Booth #1644


Umi Whale Convention Exclusive Figurine

These cute little figurines are convention exclusive to only 30 pieces!

At Fugitive Toys - Booth #774


Vaulted Vinyl Official NYCC Exclusive Display Pop Vault

If you collect pops and wanna look swag, think no more.

At Vaulted Vinyl - Booth #840


Pennywise Glow in the Dark Ornament

Hand sculpted, hand cast and painted by Jason Spyda Adams

At Jason Spyda Adams Table I-21


Red Sonja Bendie Toy Signed by Spyda

Produce by NJ Croice and signed by sculptor Spyda!

At Jason Spyda Adams Table I-21


Resin Model Kit Signed by Spyda and Neal Adams

Crazy resin model kit signed and comes with a coa byboth sculptor and reference artist!

At Jason Spyda Adams Table I-21


Ghostbusters Mr Stay Puft Action Figure

Fully articulated 8” figurine of Mr Stay Puft the Marshmallow Man.

At Diamond Select Toys - Booth #1644


Nordic Lucky Cat Permafrost Edition by the Toy Viking

Produced by Dubose Art. $40 each, and limited to only 10 pieces!

At Tenacious Collective - Booth #780


The Tenacious Tiki Figurines

2.25” figurines cast in resin by Dead Hand Toys.

At Tenacious Collective - Booth #780


Metallic Gold Harley Quinn DC Teekeez Vinyl Figure

At Cryptozoic Entertainment - Booth #244


Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer Light Armor Deluxe Scale Retro Action Figure

At Amok Time - Booth #2805


JT Studio Empty Wolf Blue Edition

At Tenacious Collective - Booth #780


EEKEEZ Marvin the Martian Metallic Figure NYCC 2019 Exclusive

Includes two different limited editions and one NYCC exclusive.

At Plastic Empire - Booth #1779


Bruno by Rich Page

Man, Bruno really? This is just too cute.

At Tenacious Collective - Booth #780


Beast Kingdom Wonder Woman Dynamic 8ction Heroes Figurine

A convention exclusive collaboration between beast kingdom and sure thing toys brings you an incredible articulated figure of wonder woman!

By Sure Thing Toys - Booth #2859


Daioh Negora Marzinger Z

At Myplasticheart - Booth #888


Vinimates Batman Who Laughs Black and White Vinyl Figure

At Diamond Select Toys - Booth #1644

Limited to 250 pieces based on the epic comic book that came out this year, Evil Bat Joker has returned in Vinimates form!


Eagle Moss Star Trek Planet Killer

In Your Dreams Collectibles - Booth #2741


Eagle Moss USCSS Nostromo Limited

In Your Dreams Collectibles - Booth #2741


Ebay x Tokidoki Unicorno

An interesting collaboration exclusive for sure. Apparently, you got to get this on eBay and collect it locally at the booth.

At Ebay - Booth #126


Famine Cryptins Series 2 Vinyl Figurines

At Cryptozoic Entertainment - Booth #244


Garbage Pail Kids Leaky Lindsay Geeki Tiki

At Toynk Toys - Booth #2164 & #2872



Anddd that's it folks. I hope you like the toys that I myself find pretty cool. If you have more things to share , let me know in the comments!

All image copyright belongs to NYCC and their respective companies and websites.*


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