Banpresto's The Amazing Heroes Midoriya Izuku Review

Introducing the first My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero) figurine that I bought! Although it was a contemplation whether I should because it usually doesn’t stop at one figure :’(

PS: I was right.

Midoriya is the second release or Volume 2 of the “Amazing Heroes” series that’s still ongoing with figures like Shouta Aizawa up for pre-order.I can’t wait to figure out a way to display all of them once they’re fully collected. Usually I tend to avoid figurines with stands because I think they look really odd, but I had an idea of using Tamashii effects to do away with the stands because of how I used them to display my Kingdom’s Kyou Kai.

The pose that came with Midoriya was splendid! Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this was his 5% Detroit Smash used against Stain!

Banpresto Amazing Heroes Midoriya Izuku
Midoriya on stand.

Banpresto Amazing Heroes Midoriya Izuku
Midoriya on Tamashii Effects

The overall height of the figurine is short, but isn’t a drawback because it creates a more dynamic visual versus standing poses. And if you place both Bakugo and Midoriya together, they are basically a match made in heaven.

Banpresto Amazing Heroes Midoriya Izuku
Love the mask details.

The paint of the figure didn’t seem like it had big problems. The colors were vibrant and pretty on point in my opinion. Everything looked like how I imagined it to be. The hair had decent shadows and shading, although the back part seemed like they went out on the green for some reason which I didn’t like.

Banpresto Amazing Heroes Midoriya Izuku
A tad too much green here, not sure if it was intentional.

But what they did with the action like how his uniform and mask folds is fantastic.

Details of the figure are not of an exceptional level, but come on, look at these pockets “swinging” out in action!! That’s pretty cool to be honest. He also didn’t have a weird bubbly face compared to the other ‘Midoriya’ figure from the DXF line which I didn’t really like.

Banpresto Amazing Heroes Midoriya Izuku

Overall, the figure wasn’t like the usual static standing figure and gives a different yet more compelling feel to them.

Banpresto Amazing Heroes Midoriya Izuku
Great expression from this figurine.

Take note that this figure doesn’t stand on its own without the stands. And there will be a visible hole on his leg if you’re trying to display it like how I did with Tamashii Effects.

It’s priced like the normal Banpresto figurines, and this is worth the buy since it’s not sold out and on the shelf everywhere. Definitely worth the display!

Banpresto Amazing Heroes Midoriya Izuku



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