Banpresto's Dabi My Hero Academia Figure Colosseum Review

Purple fire and a bad attitude is a mix meant to be. I had always imagined myself to control purple flames instead of red when I imagined myself to be a pyrokinesis when I was a kid.

Dabi Dabi Dabi. Probably one of my favourite villains in the anime that has yet to be explored much and I am excited for him to appear more on screen!

Banpresto’s Hero Colosseum nailed Dabi’s character and attitude. He strolls him with nothing but his swag and persona. His cape is beautifully made to highlight that stride he has even when he’s walking.

I wonder what caught his attention because Dabi gives a glare at the corner of his eye - but not like he gives a damn anyway.

One only flaw is the stand that he is required to be fixed on. Meaning Dabi cannot stand by himself and that’s one thing I do not enjoy when I display them!!

If they had him hold a small fire on his other hand, that would make him a Banpresto grail in my books.

Nevertheless - Dabi’s posture and expression is probably the least awkward among the rest of the figures I have thus far. It is natural and portrays his personality best.

I think you can’t miss this one out!

Banpresto’s Hero Colosseum Dab UNBXED!


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