Banpresto Creator x Creator Shin Kingom

One of the best selling manga, Kingdom is a historical fantasy manga series by Yasuhisa Hara that has churned out a 2 seasons 77 episodes anime.

I started following the anime after realizing it was based on the Warring States of China with Qin Shihuang and Li Xin. Obviously, the manga and the anime is a fantasy adaptation that has based briefly on the factual accounts. But it doesn’t make it bad at all, and the toys that Banpresto has released for Kingdom were pretty good and I’m almost finished with whatever there is right now.

Which brings us to today’s review,

Banpresto's Creator X Creator Kingdom Shin!

I had this figure a couple of years back visiting from Hong Kong’s toy haven in Mongkok. These came really cheap. I figured it’s probably because the anime or manga isn’t the most popular among the crowd there.

What I love about this figure is his expression. You can’t go wrong with the day to day Shin look. I wished he held the sword a little higher for a more aggressive look though.

Paint job and sculpture was spot on. I really can’t elaborate further. Maybe because I am biased but I am in love with how Shin looks from the get-go. Shin dons his very first armor that he purchased with his winnings from the very first war in the manga/anime along with his handy dandy scimitar.

The muscles on his arms are well sculpted.

However, there is one particular flaw about this figure, I’d like to point out. The “rock” holder that comes with it doesn’t work very well.

First off, there are two versions of this figure, the colored and the black and white version. Both versions have the same posture and the same “rock” holder that came with it. It’s supposed to balance the figure since it does not stand at all on its own.

I no longer remember which of the “rock” belongs to which version unfortunately, but one of them does not seem to work no matter how much I try to adjust it. Shin just falls over. I was quite bummed about this I had to lean one Shin on the other. Banpresto does a lot of good work but sometimes shit happens. I hope this doesn’t happen to all the Shin figures and it’s only a one off.

The boxes of the Kingdom series are friggin amazing though. So I can’t help but write about it. I don't have any picture because they are already folded up and kept all the way in my stores.

A lot of effort seems to be put into the boxes for some reason because the artwork and the visuals are amazing. I couldn’t even bear to fold these boxes up but space constraints is a first world problem. I’m sure you guys understand.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Shin Figuarts ZERO which looks fantastic. It was released in April/May but it’s not in retail for me. Kingdom figurines always seem extremely rare to get a hold of. So I’m gonna look for it when I’m in Japan, wish me luck!

I have several more Kingdom Banpresto to cover so let me know if you’re interested in those figures as well!



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