Banpresto Bakugo Katsuki "Amazing Heroes" Review

Introducing the first release or Volume 1 of the “Amazing Heroes” series from Banpresto for the latest superhero craze manga Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia.

It’s none other than fiery attitude Bakugo Katsuki! The rival buddy of our main protagonist Midoriya “Deku” Izuku. Check out my review of that figure here.

Banpresto Bakugo Katsuki "Amazing Heroes" Review

Like his combustion ability in the manga, the Bakugo figure bursts into an intense pose to harmonize with your Midoriya’s figure. As I mentioned in that review, they are almost a pair match made in heaven!

He comes in his battle themed uniform; the distinct orange strips, green buckles and black. It doesn’t fail to brandish his fearsome demeanor like in the anime and manga.

However, the perspective of where you look at Bakugo’s face matters a little. From the left of the figure, you’ll tend to think that his eyes are slightly uneven because he is side staring.

It was a little annoying at first but Banpresto has put in a lot of effort and research into this series. If you find the correct perspective, you’ll get a really good classic Bakugo glare before he hammers down on you with his quirk.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I find the texture of his hair giving off a little dirty vibes and I didn’t like that.

What I enjoy about this figure and Midoriya’s is the fact that they put in a lot of details into their action and pose. Especially their hands and their muscle movement details.

Like Midoriya, I do not think it’s hard to find Bakugo online or in retail. Their prices should be the same although I have heard the American market is usually slightly more expensive, is this true for you guys?

Let me know in the comments what the prices are for anime figurines where you are from!

This is Banpresto’s Bakugo UNBOXED.