Banpresto All Might Review Amazing Heroes

United States of smashing through every villain, no evil prevails over the symbol of peace!

This is Banpresto's All Might Review for their Amazing Heroes line!

Banpresto All Might Review

As the number 1 hero, All Might comes in a pulverizing posture with his signature smile from the manga and anime. Adorning his prominent yellow-blue uniform and a friendlier fighting pose, All Might gives his smirk even in the midst of battle.

Banpresto All Might Review

Although I find the pose a little bit confusing, because I am not sure if is he trying to punch someone or is he doing some friendlier version of the detroit smash, but it does make the figure prominent. Showing off his quirky personality right off the bat.

The paint job seems to be quite decent until you go close up and you might find little blots or blemishes here and there. I found one off his arm and one right at the back of the figure.

Banpresto All Might Review

Banpresto All Might Review

The one on his arm was crummy. It looked like someone had tried to dig something off his skin with a tool. Out of the few My Hero Academia figurines that I have reviewed, I think this All Might probably has the worst blotches.

I find it a little bit hard to pair with the rest of the collection because of his size and pose. It doesn’t seem to fit in well when he is looking downwards. It feels like I have to look up to him from below to fully appreciate the visual.

Banpresto All Might Review

And unfortunately, the figure can’t stand on its own without the stands. The posture is unusual for me but it is unique on its own and stands out compared to other figurines.

Banpresto All Might Review

Banpresto All Might Review

I am beyond excited to get the new coliseum MHA figures that includes Dabi, since he’s probably one of my favorite villains because of his quirk and personality.

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