Bandai x Best Hit Chronicle Playstation & Sega Plastic Model Kits

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of two classic gaming consoles ~

The collaboration between Hit Product COMPANIES and Bandai is bringing us the Playstation replica plastic model kit along with its counterpart the Sega Saturn!

Both of which has an official release date of March 2020!

The plastic model from “BEST HIT CHRONICLE” reproduces the same exact look of the classic Playstation and Sega Saturn model from 1994. 90’s kid ain’t gonna miss this one out!

It looks like even the buttons from the controllers and the machine are replicated in a way that you’re able to press them like the actual consoles.

It is a DIY kit for you to build it yourselves and they don’t look too difficult from the details. The kits includes the entire set of the console, a memory card (for Playstation), a controller and a disc.

It is priced at 2750 Yen and will probably go for more at your local retails.

I have yet to find out the exact measurements but these plastic model consoles seems to fit nicely on the palms of your hands like an iPhone!

Are you gonna grab one for the nostalgia? I definitely am! (Playstation) (Sega Saturn)

Check out the Best Hit Chronicle line here because they still have more surprises for us coming soon: